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Now is not the time to hide, your fans are waiting in line all over Europe to see you. And see you they will. Your new # one fan, the Queen, thinks you are a very good singer and if you ever expect to be knighted, you better get back up on the stage and perform.

Think of the kids that didn't make it the other night, do it for them, they would certainly want the show to go on. Don't blame yourself, the fanatics are out to get everybody.

As for the kids of the UK, they are a tough lot like their parents, they are resilient and don't cower in the face of danger. Look at  the kids at the hospital when the Queen showed up to see them.  Pay them a visit, make their day.

If you need a reminder of why you are doing it, take a look at this photo of Ann Margaret performing at a Bob Hope USO show during the VietNam War.




"She sounds very, very good." Said Queen Elizabeth II of Ariana Grande as she visited the Royal Manchester ward where the kids were recovering from their wounds.

(Photo credit various sources)--





Citing security reasons, her populist government is rejecting EU pressure for Poland to take in a number of migrants, even at the price of facing sanctions. The previous government, in 2015 agreed to take in up to 10,000 refugees fleeing armed conflict, but Szydlo's team reversed that decision.

Concerning the attack in which the Polish couple died, orphaning two daughters, she asked: "Where are you headed, Europe? Rise from your knees and from your lethargy, or you will be crying over your children every day."

She gave her support to Macierewicz's steps to reorganize the armed forces by arguing that Europe should decide "whether we want politicians, who say that we need to get used to the attacks and who call terrorist attacks 'incidents,' or whether we want politicians who are strong, who see the threat and fight them, like Antoni Macierewicz."

Angelika and Marcin Klis died when a suicide bomber detonated a device as crowds were leaving an Ariana Grande gig.

In TOK FM, Dorota Maniszewska of the Center for Terrorism has pointed out that the main goal of terrorism is not the brutal and bloody act itself, but to bring about such an effect that will lead to the response of societies and governments by despotic terrorists. We all know what effect Prime Minister Szydlo is: the frightened society is to choose PiS, who "saved Poland from terrorist attacks". If Poland becomes a closed xenophobic fortress and if it tries to break European unity in this and other matters, the strategic goal of Islamic terrorists will be fulfilled.--

NOTES: The individual has to ask himself, is the will of the European Union to allow refugees to saturate their countries in some way dilutes the influence of terror from the Middle East, the answer is no. The PM is correct, reject the politically elite proposition and defend the sovereignty of the nation, defend its right to nationalism.




(The Pub, Northumberland)--New reports indicate the intel sharing process has been given the green light again following premature disclosure of sensitive information directly related to the ongoing UK terror probe of the Ariana Grande concert attack on Monday night.
"While we do not usually comment on information sharing arrangements ... having received fresh assurances, we are now working closely with our key partners around the world including all those in the 'Five Eyes' intelligence alliance," said Mark Rowley, Britain's lead officer for counter-terrorism policing.

There appeared a presumption on the sharing of the information that it would be kept at least confidential, that proved to be mistaken. As for the leaks themselves, the finger is still being pointed at the Yanks by the Brits.

(From RTE above)--
That would indicate that, while police forces may not be sharing information with counterparts across the Atlantic such as the FBI, the national intelligence-sharing arrangements involving MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are not affected.
The information had been shared between the countries as part of the long-standing security relationship between the transatlantic allies and cooperation between their intelligence services. The leaks are thought to have come from US law enforcement rather than from the White House.

Mr Burnham told BBC’s Newsnight that police had decided to take a “cautious approach” to releasing information “and yet the first reports were coming seemingly out of the United States”.

The assumption is made throughout the British media that the US intel agency released the photos to the NY Times and not British law enforcement, without any proof of the allegation.


#MANCHESTER--Intel Leak Pipeline Investigation--WHITE HOUSE DOUBLESPEAK


(The Pub, Northumberland)--  Just hours after the attack, Manchester police knew who the bomber was and somehow the information was passed on to US security agencies, for whatever purpose. It might have been for identification verification, a database shortfall in the UK intel loop, or for some other reason.

It might have been for a call from the US intel community that the name was passed on. There was no indication that the name, and the photos were passed on at the same time, simultaneously. It makes more sense that the flow of information occurred as the facts and evidence began to emerge.

Manchester police provided the name of the bomber, that info went out almost immediately via an NBC Twitter report. It wasn't until the next day that the NY Times published the photos. So why did Manchester wait a full day to shut down the pipeline?

The White House calling it "deeply troubling" and "will get to the bottom of it" usually means nothing will be done, the same doublespeak we heard when Novak outed Valerie Plame following the Niger pipeline debacle that led to the Iraq War.

Outing the source of the leak has the potential to disrupt not just the flow of classified information from the intel community to the press, but also interrupting the flow of intel through the intel community itself. Many of those in the know with proper clearances who could be the culprits, have far too many connections unknown to those without the clearances to risk disrupting their ability to access information that may not be made available to those outside the good 'ol boy network of spies.

When the White House finally gets the report, it will come with a recommendation to leave it alone at the risk of creating a greater compromise or losing a valuable link in the underground chain of passing on data from one agency to another.




(Holmes Pub, Northumberland)--Now that all the cards are on the table surrounding the appearance of photos in the New York Times of the bomber backpack, shrapnel, battery and trigger; agencies squabble on how the media acquired the photos.
The pictures appeared a day after the bomber's name was briefed to the US media against the wishes of Greater Manchester Police, and just hours after Home Secretary Amber Rudd issued a plea to US authorities not to leak material about the atrocity.
The paper described them as "law enforcement images" but did not make clear how they had been obtained.

One article, probably the one in question,  appeared in the Times on May 24, by CJ Chivers--

Lag time between approximate time photos were taken, late Monday night or early Tuesday, to publication of the photos on Wednesday nearly a full day.  Since the Times didn't disclose who sent them the photos, then it's a presumption that they were acquired from a US source.

A senior Whitehall source said: “These images from inside the American system are clearly distressing to victims, their families and other members of the public. Protests have been lodged at every relevant level between the British authorities and our US counterparts. They are in no doubt about our huge strength of feeling on this issue. It is unacceptable.”
Whitehall sources reported a sense of deflation among UK security staff at the amount of detail coming out of America. The UK had shared the material with US police and intelligence in the expectation it would remain secret. The amount released is hampering at least part of the investigation, they believe.

There is no expectation here of anything at all. An expectation vs an outright assurance the photos and map would remain secret, classified, stamped with the appropriate markings and handed over to those with the proper clearances might have guaranteed the docs would remain in the files instead of all over the news.

It is premature for British intelligence to lay the blame on the American community without an investigation into how the photos were obtained by the Times and if the Yanks were involved at all; it may have happened before they were even sent to America,


Wednesday, May 24, 2017



(Holmes Pub, Northumberland)--Following indicates some other names associated possible with Salman Abedi address, Fallowfield--

Salman Abedi, Manchester, M14

We have the full address available for Salman Abedi. This was sourced from Electoral Roll records from 2014-15
Address: Manchester, M14 XXX – full address available on Whitepages
Telephone number: Reveal phone number
Possible former occupants: Samia Tabbal Abedi, Abedi Tabbal, Nusbia Abushima, Sumaya Kekli, Otyman Abedi, Mahmud Abushema

First on the list, Samia, is the bomber's mother--

Sumaya Kekli search yields the following network at
A young girl who lived at the house in 2013 along with Nusbia Abushima
21 Elsmore Rd
M14 7FP Manchester 
Greater Manchester England

What appears from the above records, the family bailed back to Libya, the pad was temporarily rented to the Institutional Excellence outfit, which was in business about a year before flopping; the two directors vanish and the kids moved in.




(Holmes Pub, Northumberland)--Following article first found in NY Times regarding a parking issue involving the bomber and a neighbor, but no mention if it involved a car, truck, motorcycle or whatever.
As of yet, there has been no impounding of any vehicles, which is unusual in an operational sweep of this nature--

On Tuesday, the authorities raided the house on Elsmore Road, in the Fallowfield neighborhood, where Mr. Abedi had lived, after setting off a controlled explosion to gain entry.
About 20 heavily armed police officers, some dressed in combat fatigues, approached the property, applying a strip of explosive material parallel to the front door frame, then blasting their way in, according to cellphone images captured by a neighbor, Alan Kinsey, who showed them to reporters.
Mr. Kinsey, who lives opposite the house raided by the police, said that he had waited and watched at the window, but that no one else had emerged, so he concluded that the property was unoccupied at the time of the raid itself. “It was empty, they didn’t bring anybody out,” he said.
Mr. Kinsey added that there had been only one occupant of the property in the last few months: a man in his 20s who was tall and slim, and often wore white clothing. Mr. Kinsey said he had only one brief interaction with the man, over a parking issue.

(Google image capture dates, July, 2014)--

In the 2014 images, there appears to be CCTV cameras mounted facing the street on the neighbors flat next door to where the bomber lived--

There may be more in the neighborhood with valuable video of the activities at the 21 Elsmore residence--




(Holmes Pub, Northumberland)--  Evidence now points toward involvement of Tripoli terror cell--

The younger brother of Manchester Arena suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, has been arrested in Tripoli, security forces reported on Wednesday.
The Special Deterrence Force (SDF) said Hashim Abedi, 20, was arrested on Tuesday at 8:30 PM local time while he was receiving LYD 4500 transferred to him from his brother to carry out a terrorist attack in Tripoli.
“He was under security surveillance for about a month and a half,” the SDF reported in its Facebook page.
Preliminary interrogation with Hashim has revealed that the two brothers are members of the radical group of ISIS and that he had enough information about Manchester bombing.
“Hashim left Britain on April 04, 2017, and he was in constant contact with his brother Salman prior to the bombing,” the SDF said.
Salman Abedi, a dual Libyan-British citizen, detonated an explosive device inside Manchester Arena Monday night killing 22 people.

Hashem Abedi had been a member of the Islamic State, had been involved with the Manchester plot, and was en route to withdrawing 4,500 Libyan dinars (about $560) sent by Salman Abedi when he was arrested on Tuesday night by the militia.



Update 9.08pm: A woman has been arrested in connection with the Manchester bombing after armed police swarmed a block of flats in the north of the city.
Residents heard a "huge bang" as officers carrying firearms raided an address in Blackley on Wednesday evening.
LONDON: British police arrested a sixth person, a woman, in connection with Monday's suicide bombing in Manchester, following an armed raid on a block of flats in the north of the city, the BBC reported.

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) wanted to overthrow Gaddafi and became the dominant revolutionary force in the country in the 1990s, until the dictator began turning the screw.
Many of those with Islamist connections tried to flee - and many of them were granted refuge in the UK.
 Ramadan (Abedi), was part of the broad network of opponents who supported those Islamist anti-Gaddafi aims. He arrived in the UK in the early 1990s.

..younger brother, Hashem, was also in Libya. He too has been detained by security forces.
Heavily armed police raided Abedi’s home in Elsmore Road, Fallowfield, and used explosives to get inside before forensics officers descended. They carried out a separate raid in Whalley Range.
A 23-year-old man from Manchester has been arrested in connection with the bombing,


Guinness Partnership--


None reported, although one NY Times article mentioned a disputed between the bomber and a neighbor over parking where he lived. There has yet to be any more followup on vehicles owned or operated by any of those currently under arrest.


#MANCHESTER--Boots on the Ground in London--OPERATION TEMPERER--


(Holmes Pub, Northumberland)--PM deploys soldiers onto streets to protect the citizens--

Operation Temperer - the government plan to put thousands of soldiers on the streets in response to a major terrorist threat, was devised in 2015 and had been a secret until it was accidentally leaked to a newspaper.
Operation Temperer is an established security measure that means citizens can expect to see soldiers helping law enforcement at sensitive security points like rail stations, Parliament, and other destinations or events with big crowds.  The operation, first unveiled in 2015, is a practised procedure, and allows UK soldiers to replace armed police in many areas so that those police can patrols in key areas.
Armed troops are to be sent to guard key locations such as Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, the Palace of Westminster and embassies, Scotland Yard has said.
Soldiers could be deployed to support police at major events such as the FA Cup final at Wembley on Saturday or the Champions League final in Cardiff on June 3.
Operation Temperer will not be in effect in Northern Ireland - instead there will be an increase in the armed police patrols.

MAP--  Uncertain as to the relevance of below map but worth noting its listings-- (Link included)--




(Holmes Pub, Northumberland)-- Following photos by way  of Telegraph via NY Times--

"The apparent detonator, which British law enforcement officials said was carried in the bomber's left hand, is also unusual for a manual detonator in a suicide device, in that it appears to have contained a small circuit board soldered inside one end," the American paper reported.
"It is not clear from the law enforcement images if the object was a simple plunger switch, or included a timer or a receiver that could be operated remotely via radio signal - or some combination."

Note no remnants of TNT stick wrappings which may indicate it was nothing more than a bag filled with gunpowder & shrapnel with a blasting cap attached to the detonator trigger.




(Holmes Pub, Northumberland)-- Certainly it isn't too difficult even for the amateur sleuth on the case to draw conclusions as to the identities of the new arrests.

Brother Ismail was the first to take the fall and may have been  the bust at the supermarket.

Ismail Abedi: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know - ‎17 hours ago‎
Ismail Abedi, the brother of Manchester bombing suspect Salman Abedi, was identified as the 23-year-old man who was arrested in connection with the Manchester terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert. JUST IN: 23-year-old South Manchester man taken ...
Other reports suggest that there is a group of disgruntled Khadaffi lovers in the hood where the bomber lived.
Following up on that, police  traces of calls made linking the Khadaffi hoods to each other and possible travel together to the homeland, might reveal just who is in the so-called "network" that police are reluctant to confirm, but with the help of leaks from American intel, can help unravel it.

#MANCHESTER--Arrests, Lab Location--DRAGNET..


(Soho Bureau)--Still in shock over the brazen attack on innocent concert goers at Monday's show, police must now act with lightning speed to determine, not just if there were others involved, but also if more attacks will follow.

With the terror alert level raised to "Critical",  and with the arrest of others who may have been involved in the plotting of the crime, those remaining have no other choice but to execute further attacks, or break and run. In addition, the boasting by the Middle East terror group taking responsibility, in effect, complicity for the Manchester attack, makes it even more desperate for those who are involved, and probably abandoned now that the event is complete.

The last thing the Middle East terror group wants is exposure to its entire network so those who are in the immediate cell will be exposed, left behind to fend for themselves.

In the process, the dead giveaway will be obvious as they scatter to save themselves, revealing the location of the bomb making lab to the dragnet, becoming ever more desperate as they botch their escape.

As has been seen in nearly every one of these crimes, the execution may be complete and a success but the coverup and escape has nearly a one hundred percent chance to fail.  Expect to to see this in the days that follow.




(SOHO BUREAU)-- Following reports trickling in on the device--

they were treating people for shrapnel wounds, which, according to the note's authors indicated "the likely use of an improvised explosive device (IED) filled with nails, ball bearings, or other metal."
person was more organised, the suicide vest, the explosives - whether made or bought

Forensic and bomb squad officers are studying the remains of the device recovered so far but initial indications are that the bombmaker had used a 'level of sophistication' suggesting he had received training and not made it from 'a terror recipe' on the Internet.  
One security source told MailOnline: 'It is unlikely that if the device was sophisticated that the suicide bomber made it – experience shows that organisations are reluctant to 'waste' the expertise of a bombmaker in an attack, preferring to keep him or her for another attack.
To begin with, eyewitness accounts describe a loud bang in the foyer accompanied by a powerful shock wave.
People in the Arena have described feeling a pressure wave ‘in their chests’ at the time of the blast.
Witnesses in the foyer where the device was detonated have described a scene of carnage – glass flying, body parts scattered across the floor, nuts and bolts in evidence perhaps as shrapnel surrounding the device.
Tellingly, despite the blast there was no major structural damage to the foyer itself –as would be the case if the device was a conventional plastic explosives improvised explosive device (IED).
In addition, if plastic explosives had been used, there would also have been a very significant heat signature with temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees in the immediate vicinity of the explosion. Thus far there have been no eyewitness reports of catastrophic burn injuries or indeed fire at the location of the attack.
It is not likely that the IED used in this attack was nitrogen based – such as a fertiliser based explosive – as this would have required a very bulky device, normally associated with truck bombs or car bombs. It is unlikely an individual could have concealed such a device on their person in a location such as the Manchester Arena.
Given the eyewitness accounts and police statements, it is most likely that the device used in last night’s attack was a TATP bomb.