Wednesday, May 24, 2017



(SOHO BUREAU)-- Following reports trickling in on the device--

they were treating people for shrapnel wounds, which, according to the note's authors indicated "the likely use of an improvised explosive device (IED) filled with nails, ball bearings, or other metal."
person was more organised, the suicide vest, the explosives - whether made or bought

Forensic and bomb squad officers are studying the remains of the device recovered so far but initial indications are that the bombmaker had used a 'level of sophistication' suggesting he had received training and not made it from 'a terror recipe' on the Internet.  
One security source told MailOnline: 'It is unlikely that if the device was sophisticated that the suicide bomber made it – experience shows that organisations are reluctant to 'waste' the expertise of a bombmaker in an attack, preferring to keep him or her for another attack.
To begin with, eyewitness accounts describe a loud bang in the foyer accompanied by a powerful shock wave.
People in the Arena have described feeling a pressure wave ‘in their chests’ at the time of the blast.
Witnesses in the foyer where the device was detonated have described a scene of carnage – glass flying, body parts scattered across the floor, nuts and bolts in evidence perhaps as shrapnel surrounding the device.
Tellingly, despite the blast there was no major structural damage to the foyer itself –as would be the case if the device was a conventional plastic explosives improvised explosive device (IED).
In addition, if plastic explosives had been used, there would also have been a very significant heat signature with temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees in the immediate vicinity of the explosion. Thus far there have been no eyewitness reports of catastrophic burn injuries or indeed fire at the location of the attack.
It is not likely that the IED used in this attack was nitrogen based – such as a fertiliser based explosive – as this would have required a very bulky device, normally associated with truck bombs or car bombs. It is unlikely an individual could have concealed such a device on their person in a location such as the Manchester Arena.
Given the eyewitness accounts and police statements, it is most likely that the device used in last night’s attack was a TATP bomb.