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Ghaith Pharaon/Gaith R. Pharaon
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Pharaon Commercial Investment Group Ltd. (PCIGL)
Attock Cement Pakistan
Attock Oil, Pakistan Oilfields Ltd.
Bayview International
Interredec/Parkway Hotel Corp.
Concorde International/TEAM GREEN SRL


Pharaon Commercial Investment Group Ltd. (PCIGL)

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Attock Cement Pakistan.

Board of Directors--
Dr. Gaith R. Pharaon; Chairman.
Laith G. Pharaon; Director
Wael G. Pharaon; Director
Shuaib A. Malik; Director
Abdus Sattar; Director
Bashir Ahmad; Director
Babar Bashir Nawaz; Chief Executive

1/17/08--Cement: ATTOCK CEMENT PAKISTAN LIMITED - Year Ended 30-06-2006 OVERVIEW (October 14, 2006): The year under review, saw the acquisition of majority shareholding of the company by its new holding company Pharaon Investment Group Ltd, Holding SAL of Lebanon from Pharaon Commercial Investment Group Limited of Saudi Arabia. (

National Refinery Ltd./Attock Oil Group

Board of Directors--(ann. rep./05)
Outgoing Directors (government appointed):
Zafar Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal Awan
Abdul Latif Uqaili
Fuad Azim Hashimi
Towfiq H. Chinoy
Saquib H. Shirazi
Qaiser Jamal

Incoming Directors: Dr. Ghaith R. Pharaon (Chairman)
Laith G. Pharaon
Weal G. Pharaon
Muhammad Raziuddin
Abdus Sattar
Babar Bashir Nawaz
Shuaib A. Malik (Chief Executive)
S. Ahmed Abid

Attock Oil, Pakistan Oilfields Ltd. Ltd.

Background: A series of orchestrated newspaper attacks on the Bhutto-Sadiq oil plan began to appear. In February 1977, Pakistani newspapers reported that "unidentified Arab investors" were considering buying control of Attock. The scheme was to create doubt about Bhutto's plan and soften him up for selling Attock to the group being formed by Abedi and Lodhi. Indeed, the two men had mobilized their considerable allies to stop the takeover. Among them was Sheik Zayed of Abu Dhabi, who was one of Bhutto's principal supporters in the Arab world. Abedi persuaded Bhutto to give up his plan to nationalize Attock in favor of a new role for some investors close to the sheik. Bhutto relented, and in March 1977, sixteen percent of Attock Petroleum, the parent of Attock Oil, was sold to the Kuwait International Finance Company, or KIFCO. The owners of KIFCO were Ghaith Pharaon, Kamal Adham, Faisal al-Fulaij, and Abdullah Darwaish, a financial adviser to Abu Dhabi's royal family. Abedi represented them in the deal.(

(6/6/07)Attock Group plea in PSO case dismissed--By Shujaat Ali Khan KARACHI, June 5: Justice Mrs Qaiser Iqbal of the Sindh High Court dismissed an Attock Group application against its exclusion from bidding for the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) on Tuesday. Vacating the interim stay granted by her on March 30 by a 41-page order announced by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, the judge said Dr Ghaith R. Pharoan, who is the chairman of the Attock Group and the beneficial owner of the Panama-registered Bay View International, which owns the Attock Oil Company and has shares in other concerns of the group, has been proceeded against on several counts in Pakistan and the United States, (

(6/5/07)--KARACHI, June 5 (Reuters) - A Pakistani court on Tuesday upheld a government decision to bar the Attock Group of Companies from taking part in bidding for a 51 percent stake in Pakistan State Oil (PSO) (PSO.KA: Quote, Profile, Research), the country's top oil marketing firm.--The Attock Group is backed by the Pharaon Group of Companies, whose sponsor is Saudi investor Ghaith R. Pharaon. The group owns Pakistan Oilfields Ltd. (PKOL.KA: Quote, Profile, Research) and several other energy firms. (

(5/24/07)_-Transporters stop oil supply to foreign forces in Afghanistan Islamabad, May 24 (DPA) Pakistani transporters supplying oil to US and NATO troops in Afghanistan have suspended supplies from a major refinery because of repeated militant attacks on tanker trucks at the border, a press report said Thursday. 'We have decided to halt oil supply from the Attock Oil Refinery (AOR) to Afghanistan due to lack of any security network,' said Shakir Afridi, president of the Transporters' Association, Pakistan's Dawn newspaper reported. (

PKOL.KA Officers/directors

National Refinery Ltd/Karachi Stock Exchange/Directors

(5/26/97)--ISLAMABAD, May 26: The Supreme Court has directed the Additional DistrictJudge, Rawalpindi, to settle the ownership dispute of Attock Oil Company (AOC) between the BCCI's liquidators and Ghaith Pharaon by Feb. 28 next year. The court had earlier directed the trial court to decide the ownership dispute in two cases, filed in 1992 and 1993, by May 19 this year. Dr. Ghaith Pharaon, a Saudi national, claims that AOC was handed over to him by BCCI chief, Agha Hasan Abidi. The BCCI liquidators, however, are of the view that it is the property of BCCI and hence they should be allowed to sell it.(

Bayview International

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Interredec/Interedec/Parkway Hotel Corp.

Interedec Inc, Savannah-based holding company, established 1983 (along with sister companies in the Netherlands Antilles and in the Bahamas).(

American Southern's parent, InterRedec, was the holding company for the American investments of Saudi Arabian Ghaith Pharaon. Pharaon was a central figure in the unfolding Bank of Credit and Commerce scandal, and the U.S. government had frozen his American assets in September of 1991. However, InterRedec was allowed to withdraw funds to finance its operations, but it had to put up as collateral its large estate at its headquarters in Richmond Hill, Georgia.(

General Counsel/Interredec/(info from website (c) 2005
JONES, OSTEEN & JONES /Established 1959/Mailing address: P.O. Box 800,/Hinesville, Georgia 31310-0800/Office: 206 East Court Street,/Hinesville, Georgia 31313/Telephone: (912) 876-0111/Fax: (912) 368-2979

Interredec Southern Corp; 639 Isbell Rd; Reno, NV 89509; Phone : (775) 823-3093 (

(6/7/00)--Hob Entertainment Inc/DE/RW; Filed On 6/7/00 5:00pm ET; SEC File 333-32430; Accession Number 898430-0-1753
Pursuant to Rule 477(a) promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, HOB Entertainment, Inc. (the "Company") hereby applies for an order granting the immediate withdrawal of its Registration Statement on Form S-1, together with all exhibits thereto, Commission File No. 333-32430 (collectively, the "Registration Statement"). The Registration Statement was originally filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 14, 2000. The Company requests withdrawal of the Registration Statement because, due to uncertain market conditions, it does not intend to conduct the offering of shares of its common stock contemplated in the Registration Statement at this time. No shares of the Company's common stock have been sold under the Registration Statement. (

(3/14/00)--Hob Entertainment Inc/DE; S-1; 3/14/00;EX-10.8 Filed On 3/14/00; SEC File 333-32430; Accession Number 898430-0-788
shares of Common Stock transferred by Isaac B. Tigrett to InterRedec, Inc. or its affiliates, including without limitation Parkway Hotel Corp. (collectively "InterRedec"), including shares of Common Stock sold by, or issuable upon exercise of options granted by, Isaac B. Tigrett to InterRedec and upon any foreclosure of securities pledged by Isaac B. Tigrett to InterRedec, (6) the shares of Common Stock held by Isaac B. Tigrett as of the date hereof, including any such shares which are acquired by InterRedec. (

(6/9/95) United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit. /No. 94-8592. Owen F. SILVIOUS, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Ghaith R. PHARAON, Defendant-Appellee.
In September, 1992, Dooley E. Culbertson, purportedly the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of InterRedec, wrote the court a letter stating that Pharaon is not a resident of Sterling Bluff Plantation nor has he ever been a legal resident. Furthermore, Dr. Pharaon owns no real property in Bryan County and has never been an employee, officer or director of InterRedec. In light of the above, it is useless for the court to attempt to serve papers on Ghaith Pharaon at the InterRedec offices at Sterling Bluff Plantation. Dr. Pharaon is represented by the firm of Whitman and Ransom, 200 Park Avenue, Suite 2800, New York, New York 10166, (

(3/31/95)Stock Purchase Agreement dated/Interim Report on Form 8-K Exhibit 2(i)/September 17, 1991, among Vista, for the month of October 1991 Concorde Finance & Investment, Inc., InterRedec, Inc., InterRedec Southern Company, Inc. and American Southern (

(10/3/91)-Georgia Approves Sale of Saudi Company
Georgia has approved the sale of an insurance company owned by a central figure in the Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandal. In an order filed late last week, Insurance Commissioner Tim Ryles approved the sale of the Atlanta-based American Southern Insurance Company to Vista Resources Inc. of Atlanta. American Southern is owned by Interredec Inc., the holding company for the American investments of the Saudi investor Ghaith Pharaon. Mr. Pharaon is accused by the Federal Government of being a front man for B.C.C.I. in the United States. The Government froze his American assets last month. Interredec has made an arrangement with the Government by which it can withdraw funds to finance its operations, said J. B. Fuqua, Vista's chairman. But he said Interredec must put up as collateral its sprawling estate in Richmond Hill, Ga., its headquarters. "As we understand it, the Government will end up with first mortgage on the whole thing," Mr. Fuqua said. "The intent is not to allow Mr. Pharaon to take any cash out of the country but to have enough cash to operate their business on." (


Concorde International/TEAM GREEN SRL

Laith G. Pharaon Sponsors--Attock OIl, Four Seasons Hotels, Tivoli Hotels.

Phone listing at teamgreen brings up following when googled--

TEAM GREEN SRL [] Posted Date: June 8, 2005 Team green trading is an italian company that works in special material market trading and in special vehicle trading since 2003. We are able to provide big stock of composite materials of really good quality. We also have a big selection of used heavy equipment

Mr. Mr. Stefano Deligios
() Company: TEAM GREEN SRL
Address: Via Marsala 18, Gallarate, Italy,
Telephone: 39-392-0692510-- (phone # @

Laith Pharaon
(from which has the email spelled "" but more than likely is

(12/15/06)laith F1 crash/sharjah/youtube video

(10/02)--The firm’s trend-setting design for the Four Seasons in Milan grabbed the attention of Laith G. Pharaon and his Paris-based hotel owning/operating company, Concorde International. (

(5/29/01)--LAITH PHARAON is a traveling fool….You think Brazilian PAUL GAISER travels a lot when he’s not at the races. He’s either in Brazil or you can find him in Los Angeles on business or helping production elements for a new movie in Austria, but LAITH when not in Paris or in Saudi is spending time in Australia working on a new hotel complex up near the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef…(

(12/4/98)--FURTHER EVIDENCE of Mr Pharaon's wealth is offered by his son Laith Pharaon, who runs a power-boat racing team, a not inexpensive pursuit. Last year Mr Pharaon Junior won the world championship with a team called "Zero Defect". The year before he won in a boat called The Jolly Motor. This year he competed in a boat called Bilba, but lost to a team called "The Spirit of Norway". (Independent/UK)

(11/9/95) Two accidents yesterday marred the first day of racing in the 1995 Key West world championship for offshore powerboats off Key West, Fla.--In the other incident, a 45-foot catamaran, Zero Defect, driven by Laith Pharaon of Theodore, Ala., collided with the 30-foot Black Shadow. The crew on Zero Defect reportedly was not injured. But James Finkiipscomb, a Black Shadow crew member, sustained head, neck and shoulder injuries. Finkiipscomb, 32, was airlifted in critical condition to Cedars. (


"Le Pharaon"
"Le Pharaon"--- lists Sigfred Grande as captain and lists the captain as Jason Ikiadis. Sept. 2006 issue of lists Ikiadis.Phonebook search shows "Jason Ikiadis" a resident of Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral; age 42; this lead will be followed up
Le Pharaon (#761) was built by Feadship Van Lent in 1989 to a design of Frits De Voogt. The interior of Le Pharaon was designed by Pierre Tanter. In 2002 Le Pharaon was lengthened with 5m by the Peterswerft in Germany. (
Flag: Panama; Call sign: HO3121 (Panama): IMO#1002469

(6/10/06--It escaped capture Gaith Rashad Pharaon, 66 years, Saudi sought dall'FBI. Sullo yacht “Le Pharaon” di sua proprietà non c’era. On the yacht "Pharaon" of his property was not. I carabinieri dopo averlo perquisito anche con unità cinofile hanno dovuto consentire la partenza dal porto di Pantelleria. The Carabinieri after searched with dogs had to allow departure from the port of Pantelleria. Il comandante inglese ha detto che erano diretti verso l’Algeria. The English commander said were headed for Algeria.(

Sailing Log of Le Pharaon

date location notes spotter source
5/4/07 Seychelles n/a n/a
3/11/07 Jumeirah Beach Hotel Marina Dubai gustavhl
7/12/06 Hvar, Croatia n/a n/a
6/13/06 Pantelleria (Sicily) FBI raid n/a
6/10/06 Algiers 50% CNAN shipping ref. Anonymous/??
12/05-2/06 Seychelles Islands Wharf Victoria n/a
6/4/05 lavrion berthed next to "issham al baher" willawake
2003 Beirut Dbayeh Marina n/a


BCCI 1991
Bank of Credit and Commerce International.
7/13/91.--In a complaint issued today, the Fed accuses the two executives, Gaith R. Pharaon, a Saudi financier, and Aga Hasan Abedi, a Pakistani banker, of illegally concealing B.C.C.I.'s acquisition of Independence Bank of Encino, Calif. In a related criminal investigation, the Manhattan District Attorney is examining whether B.C.C.I. also acquired First American Bankshares of Washington, which is headed by Clark M. Clifford, the longtime Presidential adviser, and his law partner, Robert A. Altman. Richard F. Lawler, a lawyer who represents Mr. Pharaon, declined to comment on today's action.
"Gaith Pharaon has not done anything improper," Mr. Lawler said. "We are not going to try this case in the press."
Mr. Pharaon made national news in 1978 when he bought the National Bank of Georgia from Bert Lance, a budget director in the Carter Administration. Mr. Lance was forced to resign in 1977 amid speculation about improper banking practices.
Mr. Pharaon was introduced to Mr. Lance through Mr. Abedi. Mr. Abedi had met Mr. Lance a few years earlier through a mutual acquaintance in the Georgia legislature. (

(7/8/91)In Luxembourg, the nominal base for BCCI (SA), a court will today formally hand over control of the group to liquidators. At a weekend news conference, Pierre Jaans, director of Luxembourg's Monetary Institute, echoed the view of Bank of England Governor Robin Leigh-Pemberton in saying that the bank had been on the verge of collapse when authorities swooped.(
1984-1986: Adnan Khashoggi and Manucher Ghorbanifar Both Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi and Iranian arms merchant Manucher Ghorbanifar were central agents of the United States in selling arms to Iran in the Iran/Contra affair. According to the official chronologies of the Iran/Contra committees, Khashoggi acted as the middleman for five Iranian arms deals for the United States, financing a number of them through BCCI; and Ghorbanifar was the individual who conceptualized the arms-for-hostage negotiations, and provided the initial channel to the "Iranian moderates" with whom the Reagan Administration negotiated prior to delivering shipments of U.S. TOW missiles and HAWKs to Iran in 1985 and 1986.
Khashoggi was served as the "banker" for arms shipments as the undercover scheme developed in 1985 and 1986. Khashoggi himself said he advanced $1 million in August 1985 to "get the deal going." According to his own and other published accounts, he provided some $30 million in loans altogether, depositing money in a Swiss bank account controlled by Lake Resources, the company run by former White House aide Oliver North, who played the pivotal role in the operation involving the arms sales and diversion of funds to Nicaraguan Contra rebels.
Both Khashoggi and Ghorbanifar banked at BCCI's offices in Monte Carlo, and for both, BCCI's services were essential as a means of providing short-term credit for sales of arms from the U.S. through Israel to Iran. Khashoggi's use of BCCI for the Iranian arms sales was first described, in passing, in an Iran/Contra committee deposition on June 8, 1987, describing the movement of $10 million from Credit Swisse which would to through BCCI four times to produce $40 million of sales "and therefore, additional profit." In the same deposition, the witness, Khashoggi business manager Emanuel Floor, described Ghorbanifar as stating, "these are my associates," and writing down the name, "BCCI." Floor described BCCI as acting not merely as Ghorbanifar and Khashoggi's bank for the purpose of these transactions, but as an actual partner in the Iranian arms deals.(72)
As described in detailed Subcommittee testimony by BCCI Paris manager Nazir Chinoy on March 18, 1992, Khashoggi came to Paris to meet with Chinoy in early 1986 to discuss continuing transactions he had until then been conducting through BCCI's Monte Carlo branch. According to Chinoy, the meeting was set up when Chinoy wished to learn more about the reasons for the sudden increase in assets and activity of the Monte Carlo branch of BCCI, which was under his jurisdiction as chief manager for the French region of the bank. He learned from Manir Karim, the branch manager for Monte Carlo that most of the new assets and activity were the result of a very successful relationship that had been developed with Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. Khashoggi had two to three "very active" deposit accounts at Monte Carlo, according to Chinoy, and kept very large balances there, paying "his crew" through travellers checks at the rate of $100,000 to $150,000 each month. Chinoy decided to learn more, and met with Khashoggi and Karim in BCCI's office in Paris:
I met Khashoggi in a small room at the bank. He told me he had a deal, he was to be a supplier, buy American arms through Israel and supply them to the Iranians. What he wanted was a four-day credit.(73)

XYX inc.
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XYX inc.
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